Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Stuff

Well here we go again. It's Tuesday night, and I feel like writing about a couple of things I like to do. In my spare time I can usually be found out on a stream trying to trick a rainbow or a brown into taking a meal on a fake bug. I usually have pretty good luck but the last time I was out the water was really high on the Platte river, and I actually was carried down stream a bit, and yes I filled my waders. Now if you can all stop laughing for a second, I will tell you that my favorite thing to do is take rookie fisherman on a trip and get them on a fish. This year I have taken two. My brother-in-law Keith(who is green but not a rookie) was pretty successful on his trip, and we had a great time. I also took Jake Dietchler(one of my teammates) to a very secluded area where you get plenty of chances, but ol Jake didn't feel like catching any that day. Oh well... So far everyone I have taken whether it's my brother, Russ, or my friends from the east coast, Jay Antonelli and Todd Beckerman, they always seem to have a great time. It's a great adventure and no one has ever complained about the beautiful Colorado scenery.

I also enjoy swinging the ol wrenches out on the golf course. A favorite place for the athletes from the OTC to play at is Patty Jewitt Golf course. Yesterday, I played with Sean Stender, Mark Rial, and Robbie Smith. Watching Robbie tee off is always eventful, because he could drive it 300 yards down the fairway or the ball may take the craziest bounce and come back and hit him in the gut. No matter who plays, it is always a great time and very relaxing from the confines of our sport.

Well training is right on schedule. I leave for San Jose on Wednesday for two days and then off to Beijing on Friday. I am so excited for this tourney that I can't even express my emotions. I believe it is going to be a great experience, and I have never been as prepared for a competition as I am now. Time to let go and perform. Let's wrestle.


Riley said...

Brad,i cant believe the games are right around the corner it has come so fast i know you are going to give it all you have the kids are thinking about you every day
miles cant wait for the 14th so he can stay up all night waiting for you to come on tv good luck and go for the gold see u in beijing love ya the kulhaneks Tom, Lori, Riley, Tucker, Miles, and Macey

Nate Abel said...

Fishing guy that wrestles, I just wanted to wish you good luck before you leave for Beijing. Everyone in the Abel family is looking forward to watching you wrestle and hope that all of your dreams come true for you in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait till you come back home and the newest members of our family can meet their first Olympian. Bring home the gold!!!!!! Nate, Erin, Lane, and Emily.

Kim said...

We want to wish you the very BEST of luck. We know you will represent the USA with all the integrity, passion and pride you have always shown!! Mark was with Dick and Linda, Al and the crew from Schuyler at the trials and said you looked READY!! Amazing Awaits! We are ready! GOOD LUCK!
Mark and Kim Parsons
Brad, Michael, AJ, Jon and Josh
Schuyler, Ne