Friday, July 25, 2008

Team USA

Tonight I am going to talk about our team a little bit so not everything is about me. After winning the World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan(First time in US History for Greco Roman), and having a core group of athletes that were pretty consistent since 2005, we now have a lot of new faces showing up for the Olympics.

Besides myself, TC Dantzler and Dremiel Byers have been very familiar faces since 2002. Byers won the Worlds in 02 and took a bronze in 07. He is a major player at heavyweight every time he steps on the mat. If he has a good tourney in Beijing, he may be dancing once again after the finals. TC has been so close to a medal on several occasions. He is due and as a 37 year old no one has the experience this guy holds. What a way to go out. On top at the Olympics.

The young guns on our team are really exciting. Jake Dietchler, Spenser Mango and Adam Wheeler are full of energy and training hard. They love the "fight" involved in our sport and are not intimidated by any of the competition we will see in the next few weeks. Even though they are young, they have shown a lot of maturity and leadership. Our coaches are excited about unleashing these guys on the world.

As for myself, I am just trying to enjoy every part of this journey. The good days, the bad days(not to many) and everything in between. My girlfriend, Candace, and our pet rabbit, Larry(named after Larry David, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm), keep my mind off of wrestling in my down time. If I need more space, I take them fishing.(Larry really isn't good at fishing, but he is always entertaining.)

Well I'll catch you all later. Taking off on Wednesday, but I will blog before then and in China when I arrive.

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MikeyJ said...

Good Luck to the American Greco team, especialy you Brad from Camel Kids Wrestling Club ! Just rub Ol' Larry's feet don't cut them off and take them for a lucky Charm as we talked about Brad ! Ha! Give em hell Brad and bring back the GOLD !!!!!
Mikey J