Saturday, August 9, 2008

Down Time

Hey everybody,

We have not been very busy the last few days. On Friday the team did Opening Ceremonies, which I declined to do. I know, it would have been great to march with the team, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get what you want. The guys said it was a great and sweaty time. Everyone lost about 20 lbs and got home at about 2 a.m. My roommate Adam Wheeler completely soaked his sport coat and pants. I was sleeping at about 11 p.m. Then the fireworks woke me up so I watched them for about a half an hour. I swear that I have never seen a show even remotely close to the fireworks display they had for that night. Fireworks alone, had to be in the millions of dollars. China definitely has some stuff you can't buy in Missouri or South Dakota, unless you tie two sticks of dynamite together.

My parents got off the plane at 4 in the afternoon and went straight to the Opening Ceremonies. They said it was very nice, but I could tell they were exhausted and my mom said she felt like she was in a sauna for four hours.....Now she kind of knows what I will feel like the next few days when I am making weight....I wouldn't want to put anyone through that. Yes, Rose Marie, even though so kind, is very tough. Just ask my nephews. lol Gotcha boys!

I did take advantage of the peace in the village though and realized that many athletes do not participate in the event. As I sat next to the artificial stream they have built between the hi rises of the village, I remembered all the times I had been in that situation, "alone". In the summer of '96 at Butch Mehl's pond before we left for Fargo, in '00 in a corn field North of Lincoln before I left for St Louis and in '03 before I left for the US Nationals I sat alone on the Platte River in Eleven Mile canyon and watched the sun set. Those times are special for me because I found peace of mind before I had to compete.

Yesterday I spent the day in bed to let my body and mind recover, so I will be ready to cut some weight. Last night I watched the girls volleyball win over Japan, and then hit the hay.

Today I went to church again, this time with John Bardis and coach Fraser. One of the ushers remembered me from last week, and I got to read the First Reading. John did the Second Reading. Pretty cool. After church we got some coffee, and now I am going to head over to Beijing Normal University where we train. Last practice on the mat before I compete.


PS Thanks again for the comments. Really been a ton of inspiration. Hope everyone is well!


Robby Smith said...

hi old buddy i see that your doing good. i hope your have the best time of your life. i cant wait to watch you win the gold. good luck old buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Great to read what your doing and how your feeling. Sounds like you have your mind and body in the right place. Been raining pretty hard daily here. I may go fishing in Lake City Co this Sunday. Its a fishing wonderland I have heard. I will scout it so we can go together when you get back. Cant wait to see you compete. Great coverage on the internet of all events. Good luck, Saba

RyanGroene said...

Hey Brad,

We have been loving your blog. It sounds like an amazing time. We have been thinking about you and can't wait to watch you kick some butt. Good luck!


Riley said...

Hey Brad, it sounds like your having a lot of fun and it sounds like the team is pretty funny! Dad says ur in the big lake so go catch the big one! Good Luck and Give it Your All......Were yelling for u here, back home...GOOD LUCK!
The Kulhaneks back home

Tammy said...

HI Brad,
Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you. Glad to know your parents got there safe. I think it is cool you got to do the reading in church. Praying for you as gear up for the competition. We will be cheering you on.

Tammy, Schroeder, and boys

Paul and Jeanette Stone said...

Hi Brad, Just found out about your blog. Sounds great there. We want to let you know how proud we are of you. This is your golden year, Brad. Nothing's going to stop you now. We'll be seeing you soon on that podium. Say Hi to your Mom and Dad. Good luck and have a great time. Paul and Jeanette Stone

2nd gr. HCCS said...

The 2nd graders and Mrs. Ritzdorf at Howells Community Catholic School wish you the best of luck.
WOW !! You got to read at Mass just like us! We will keep you in our prayers.
Go for the Gold!!

Minnesota Hegemann's said...

Congratulations Bradley!! Sounds like you're having the experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much for the blog. It's the only way we could keep up with a mover and shaker such as yourself. Ha! We look at it daily, if not more. You are an awesome representative of the USA and role model for all! You should be very proud, because we are!! You just stay calm, focused. Yah right, you TEAR'EM UP, TWIST'EM UP and make your mark!!!!!!

Waiting in great anticipation,

Your Minnesota Cousin's,
Dennis, Stacey, Dalton, and Jakob

sister sheri said...

Hi Brad... I found your site via Tammy at Breaths of Faith. She is so very proud of you and I can see why. I hope I get a chance to see you wrestle, if not... Best Wishes to you! Thank you for representing the USA! God Bless You!

Greta said...

Uncle Brad, I love you tons and tons!!! I am snuggling with my bunny and thinking about when you will come home. We will play, OK?! I hope you win first place! I love you! XXOO, Greta

LVesley said...

Enjoy your blog and read it daily, then call and let everyone know how you are doing. Glad to here everyone made it over safely. We are thinking of you and hoping the best. We know you can do it. Good Luck, all our best. The Vesely's from back home.

Brenda H. said...

brenda said
aunt josie stopped at brendas to
wish yiu all the luck in the world.
been praying for you all the time.
go getem brad.
good luck in your matches.
Love you lots.