Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Great Wall

I'm back,

Yesterday we went to the Great Wall, and no I am not talking about Rulon Gardner. About 50 of us went in total and the group included Big Ru, some Sports Illustrated staff, NBC and the New York Times. We walked up a huge hill and got on a ski lift that took us to the top. The actual structure is majestic. It is hard to believe they were able to build this thing 1500 years ago. We took pictures and walked around for a while. If you want to look, SI did a great story on their website they had some pics.

We decided to bring the unconventional way down. We hiked about 25 minutes to the southeast on the wall and rode down these little slide trolleys. Dremiel Byers, our heavyweight, was cussing my name because the trek crossed two mountain peaks, and I told him it would only take about 5 minutes to get there. Wow those Crocs he was wearing took a beating. He said he wasn't going to talk to me for two days as punishment.(Peace, finally. LOL) But he broke that commitment about 10 minutes later when he was yelling at me when he was trying to catch me on the trolley. Man those things really moved and for some reason his was fast.(May have been the 25 extra kilos his trolley carried.) WOOOO

On the way home we listened to Rulon and Coach Fraser share some stories. Got the whole bus shaking a few times with laughter.

The training has been very good. We are getting into our taper, and I will only be on the mat once more, tomorrow. After that, it is time to get skinny. I was only 6 kilos over this morning after the wall hike yesterday and feeling very good. Our team is excited for opening ceremonies tonight. Supposed to be incredible. I think you will like the outfits.

My family gets in today, and I hope to see them tomorrow. My parents are leaving for Opening Ceremonies right off the plane. Hope they got some sleep. I am sure they will be ready to roll.

PS Love the comments everyone is leaving! Thank you.


Philippa said...

We'll be cheering for you and the entire team!!! My son is 15 and a wrestler, 103 weight class...he lives and breathes wrestling. Thanks for being a GREAT role model.

The Muller's from Indianapolis, IN

redhead.kate said...

I have just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. It is very interesting and informative (which I like). Thanks for giving me a little glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes at the Olympics. I will be cheering you on.
- a new fan from NC

Chippy said...

Good luck Brad!

In the Lord, put your trust.
Psalms 11:1

If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth.
Mark 9:23

Michael said...

Hey Brad! We're enjoying the blog. Good luck at the games. We're all proud of your accomplishments.

From another Howells NE native -

Michael Schrage

Karen said...

Brad - Good job on the blog. I understand your folks are in Bejing now. The World is watching, and I know you'll make us all proud, as you always have. We'll be cheering you on. - The Texas Verings

Andrea said...


I met you and the team in March at the MedAssets HBS in Vegas. I was one of the Deal or No Deal girls at the costume party. Anyway, I have been following your blog as well as the daily updates from Mr. Bardis. I am so excited for each of you! The camaraderie you guys have for each other is phenomenal! I know you all will represent the USA well.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Bugolathe said...


Good luck in the competition. We've been wearing our "Brad Vering" T-shirts from the last Olympics often lately. Hope to be able to see some of your matches on the tube.

The Wolslegers in Kansas City

huskerchops said...


Good luck bud!!!! We will be chearing for you

Kory Kristi Karter and Karley Vering

Anonymous said...
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Cary and Sue said...




finman1016 said...

Best of luck to you and all the Olympians. We know you will do yourself and your country proud.
Jim and Ann Finley

Paul said...

it sounds like you are on pace to accomplish your dream.I hope and pray you can bring a gold medal back to Howells. We are so proud of you and your wrestling success, but also how you represent your family,town, and country.

Good Luck.
Paul Wiemann

Becky said...

Hey Brad! We're thinking of you often and cheering you on from Omaha, NE! What an exciting time - good luck and God bless!!
Mike, Becky and Ben O'Hare (Stone)

Michael Carnes said...


Go get the gold. It's the fulfillment of your destiny as a wrestler. Show them what Nebraska wrestling is all about.

Mike Carnes

ashley said...

Good Luck!!! Stay focus and keep your heart in it!!! the great wall is amazing!!! if you get a chance go to the Heavenly is also amazing!

Jeremy Moore said...

Brad wish you the Best of Luck!! Tell your Parents Hi for me!! You take care and go Get'em!! Wish I could be there holding your bag.. like I was when you won your first Greco National Title in Fargo!!

Jeremy Moore