Monday, August 11, 2008

Keith ate what?

Today is the last time I will write until I am finished wrestling. I finally had a chance to catch up with my family. Bank of America has a huge hospitality building where the families of the Olympians can go and hang out. You can run into a lot of other Olympians there, and they had a full buffet. They even had a Nintendo WI with the Olympic Games for people to play. Everyone got a nice gift bag, and we had lunch by a lake. It was fun to catch up and hear their stories. Of course, it always revolved around the food. Candace has traveled a lot and has no trouble with the food, and Lori is in Chinese food Heaven. Keith loves eating donkey, but not Rhonda. Mom and dad are pretty experienced and know how to make it look good when they aren't enjoying some of the more interesting dishes. They all got ice cream today and that made them pretty happy. I am sure everyone in Howells will hear some pretty interesting stories when they get back.

The weather was very mild today as it rained cats and dogs yesterday. My family went to the Great Wall yesterday and got completely soaked. Today they got rain jackets in the gift bag! Guess that's how it goes. They are having a great time and are going to watch beach volleyball tonight. That should be a lot of fun. I heard it is like a huge party and one of the US women's teams plays tonight.

We had our first guy weigh in today, Spenser Mango(55 kg). The tourney kicks off tomorrow, and it's starting to get intense around here. We are all very excited, but the older guys are doing a great job of staying calm and that reflects to everyone else. We are all very supportive of each other, but it is hard when you can't go to the tourney to support your teammates. But we all understand, and we all do our job. Professional!

Thanks again for all the emails and comments I have been getting. They are extremely motivating. I really enjoy them.



kingmustang said...

The stanton wrestling team wishes you the best. Win the Gold! Enjoyed your blogs and would love to hear you talk when you get back to Nebraska. Coach Tom King

7212 Westerner said...

Good stuff Brad. It sounds like you are prepared to bring the Gold back to Westerner Drive. I can't wait to see you take one more step up that podium.



duke said...

Great blog Brad, I cant wait till you start competition, were all real excited back here to watch you go out there and tear it up. Bring home the Gold!


bill morrison said...

Brad, nothing can be as tough as facing your dad after we (I) put a hole in the quonset!

Congrats on your 2nd Olympics.

Go for the Gold!

Bill Morrison

tenger said...

Best of luck. One thing that help me perform at my best is simply thinking about all the time and effort I put into perparing for the moment. I know you have put in a ton of effort believe in yourself and take it to em. Pulling for ya.

Todd Enger

TGrindstaff said...
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TGrindstaff said...

Brad, good luck. It's great to have you represent the USA and Nebraska. Will be watching the matches online and cheering for you from Charlottesville, Virginia. Terry Grindstaff

Elizabeth said...

Brad, I am a friend of your cousin Iris and she has tons of us here in Iowa pulling for you. I come from a family of wrestlers and know the challenges that come with it. Best wishes in your competition!
Beth Kies

janellebelina said...

Brad...I have been meaning to get on your sight for days and I am sad to say today was the first day. What a neat blog and it was so interesting to read. What an amazing experience. I know we see one another hardly ever and maybe not even talk when we do, but I want you to know that I am so proud to say you are my cousin. I have been thinking about you a lot and wish you the very best. God bless and you are in my prayers. Do it!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Brad, on your first match win! Just watched it live on the internet. Go for that Gold! I'm a Dodge, NE girl who ended up in New England and now have 2 sons who wrestle. We've been following you since '04 and brag to everyone about the Olympic wrestler from Howells. Sending you and the whole team our best wishes!
Jennie (Kauffold) Gaiss

Brenda H. said...

Brad - We just got back from Howells Fab - It was awesome watching you with so many of your fans. The whole experience gave me goose bumps - it was amazing. I think the whole town of Howells was there, along with several out of towners!!! WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU - that doesn't even begin to express the feelings that EVERYONE here has for you. We love you and can't wait to see you back in the states! Again, Brad, you have made everyone in the United States proud. You represented our country with amazing CLASS!!! Can't wait to give you a big hug!!!!
Love, Dave, Brenda, Carly, Luke & Kade

Riley said...

Hey Brad, we were all here at the Fab watching & cheering for you. If we could have all been there with you we would have. There was so much support for you here. We're all incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments. Congrats on your hard work & dedication. Can't wait to see you.
Your cuz, Mary Prusa

Brad, all these years you have always said words of encouragement to me after every thing i have done. Now its my have done an awesome job, ur my role model, u always have been and always will be. When i have a bad day or vball or jus anything, i think of hard u worked that day and that i have an uncle thats a two time olympian... i love being able to no your always there and when i condition for vball i tell my self to keep goin cus u would be pushing yourself on every drill... Great Job and i love you...cant wait to c u when you come home... Love your hard working, (fav) niece Riley

husker85 said...

Brad we're so incredibly proud of you and all your accomplishments. You have made anyone whose a Howells native extremely proud.

Thanks for your example of hard work!!

You've been a huge inspiration for a lot of young wrestlers in Lincoln, NE!!

Bill Schlautman

Langhorst Family said...
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Kurt Langhorst said...

Just wanted to let you know how proud I was last night as I watched you wrestle on the Internet. No one can ever take away that you are a 2-time Olympian. You've always made Howells and the state of Nebraska proud for not only the way you wrestle, but also how you represent yourself. Despite the outcome, know how proud we are to call you one of our own. Remember, it's the journey that counts, not the destination. And you've had an incredible journey.

Kurt, Colleen, and Henry Langhorst

Eric Langhorst said...


Just wanted to echo what many others have said here. I watched last night on the Internet as well and could not have been prouder. I have told so many people that I work with here in Liberty, Missouri that a wrestler from my hometown is a two time Olympian.

You are an inspiration to so many people and it has nothing to do with a medal from the games.



Chris said...

Great job! No stone left unturned in your mission. You are a true champion and great friend. I know you aredissapointed but I also know you will feel great about everything you have accomplished. I am confident your success on the mat will translate to a very successful career in whatever occupation you choose. See ya soon. The river awaits...Saba

Kyle said...

Hey Brad,

This is Kyle B., a former 171-lb. opponent from Oakland-Craig in 96 - good luck in Beijing!

Mike & Carmen Nelson said...

Hello Brad and Vering Family-

Mike and I wanted to send our very best wishes to you! What an honor it is having you represent The USA!

Mike and I have recently returned to The USA after spending 3 1/2 years in Shanghai, China! What a beautiful country this is! We so very much enjoyed our time there-a part of our hearts will always be in China!

Ben is in FL while Jillian is in Bangalore, India! Mike and I are getting ready for a 6-7 month post to Brussels! Life is an adventure as you very well know!

Please enjoy your time in Beijing! Mike is proud to have had you as a member of the Fremont Wrestling Club and hopes for your continued success!

Brenda H. said...

Brad -
Thought about you all day today. I had to go back to work at school today. Everyone there just talked about how much fun it has been following you on your journeys. Howells is just bursting with PRIDE!!! Have a safe trip back.
Brenda, Dave, Carly, Luke & Kade