Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Stuff

Hey everybody,

The last couple of days have been quite a bit of fun. We had our press conference(which you can check out on the us olympic team website), we have had some great practices and we have seen and met some very cool and interesting people.

The press conference was pretty interesting. I guess the conferences before us weren't very good and were kind of boring, so our media people told us to have fun and make it interesting. Wow. They picked the wrong group of guys to tell that to. All in all we did a really nice job and the reporters seemed to have some fun with us. We have got some "hams" on this team. I'll let you all check it out.

Yesterday I got a haircut in the village before I went to practice. Crazy, they have a huge salon for free right there for all the athletes. Don't worry, I didn't get a manicure or anything like that, but the Chinese girl really wanted to shave my beard....Sorry! Need that thing for one more week.

I have met a lot of cool people on the trip so far. Most notably was probably Roger Federer(Swiss Tennis player). About 20 reporters around him. Has to be a nightmare. But I have mostly been staying on the down low. I mostly hang out with the team and our coaches. But occasionally I eat dinner at the cafeteria with some of the Volleyball girls(Of course I know them all because of Candace. Thanks babe.) and some other randoms. One morning I had coffee with coaches Fraser and Antonelli and our team leader John Bardis. John gave us about an hour lecture on economics, history, Wall Street, faith and life, and it was worth more than 2 semesters at any college. He is truly a great man and role model, and when he talks, I listen. The guy is brilliant.

Well, I hope this finds everyone well and in good health. I am very excited and my practices have been satisfying........I feel very good and calm


Lisa said...

Enjoy your time in Beijing. We're all rooting for you. Win, lose, or draw (although we hope for a win), you've earned the right to have the time of your life. Your country is proud of you!

Michael Carnes said...

You are the best in the world, Brad. Looking forward to seeing you show the world what it's all about. Give 'em hell...

Leanne said...

Today there was a really nice article about you in the Lincoln Journal Star. It highlighted your career thus far and how your roots started in hometown Howells. You are a great role model. Me and my family are cheering you on. Kick butt in Beijing!
Rob and Leanne (Konsel) Ruskamp, Seward, Neb.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are doing this blog! Sounds like things are going well. As Leanne said the Journal did a very good article on you! Gave me goose bumbs! Keep posting when you can. Best of luck!!! You're going to rock that mat!!! :)

scott russell said...

I watched you compete in Las Vegas this summer. Man you are really talented! I wrestled in college, never at your level, but I realize the hard work it takes to reach that proficiency. You are my new hero! Go get em, Buddy.
We love you back here in the states!

Jackie Varicak said...

It is so cool to see you popping up in the news everywhere. Our family still sports the Battle Ready shirts we got from four years ago. We'll be cheering you on again this year. Good Luck!

Eric Langhorst said...

Good luck Brad. I wore my "Battle Ready" t-shirt last week and can't wait to watch you this time around as well. I've had a blog for the past several years and am so excited that you are blogging during the games.

You have made all HHS grads proud! Good luck.

Eric Langhorst
Howells High - Class of 1990